We’re Advancing Women’s Health

At Scripps Research, we understand that women have unique health concerns. So, we’re delivering unique solutions.

We focus our scientific resources on the wellbeing of women.

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From the lab to the clinic, we strive to help women live long, healthy lives.

Women have unique health concerns, from reproductive challenges to cancers and autoimmune diseases that predominantly affect females. In addition, some widespread health issues affect women differently than men, with important variations in disease severity and outcome.

At Scripps Research, we combine our excellence in foundational biomedical research and our expertise in translational medicine to address a multitude of conditions that impact women’s health. Whether discovering a new approach for treating breast cancer or crowdsourcing data to learn new factors that contribute to healthy pregnancies, our scientists are dedicated to helping women prevent and overcome disease.

Historically, one major obstacle to advancing women’s health is a vast underrepresentation of female patients in biomedical research studies. Our scientists are working to eliminate this barrier in many ways, including through the use of innovative digital technologies and wireless sensors that capture ultra-rich data while enabling women to remotely participate in clinical research.

Through a better understanding of the conditions that impact women’s health, we can develop more effective drugs, improve disease screening and enhance the wellbeing of women all over the world.

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Unique Needs Require Unique Solutions

  • Targeted Treatment

    By inhibiting a molecule, RAD52, we can potentially kill aggressive breast cancer cells while sparing healthy tissue.

  • Living with Lupus

    Our pioneering work in monoclonal antibodies led to Benlysta, the first treatment developed specifically for lupus.

  • Pregnant and Healthy

    Our POWERMOM app gathers health data from pregnant women, one of the least studied populations in medical research.

  • A Breast Cancer Option

    Researchers can now shift breast cancer cells to HER2 positive status, broadening treatment options for patients.

In tackling the unique health needs of women, we improve the lives of half the world’s population. That improves wellbeing for all of us.

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