Science changes everything.

There has never been a more important time for science to change the course of human health. Scripps Research is doing everything in its power to confront the novel coronavirus. Learn more →


Changing the world begins with changing individual lives.

From the smallest moments each day to transformational moments that alter the course of our life, science changes our experience. It’s ever-present. It’s the foundation for human progress and the key to solving many of humanity’s biggest problems.

For nearly a century, Scripps Research has led the way in scientific innovation. We’ve reshaped basic research, transformed translational medicine and accelerated drug discovery. Our global impact can be felt in the personal stories of lives changed by science and stories of science changing our collective future.

Because science changes everything.

Breakthrough Science

Scripps Research merges biology and chemistry with genomics and informatics to speed discoveries into new medicines. We’re transforming human health.