Cancer Commands Our Full Attention

We’re applying an interdisciplinary approach and developing a menu of precision treatment options for patients.

Cancer takes many forms.

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Our deep expertise in cancer biology is unraveling its mysteries and creating effective therapies.

Cancer represents one of society’s greatest challenges. Nearly 1 in 3 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime, and it is a leading cause of death worldwide. The complex origins of cancer and the diversity of genetic mutations make tumors difficult to target therapeutically. But Scripps Research is breaking through these boundaries. With specifically focused, but highly collaborative research groups, we are unraveling the unique biology of each cancer type while exploiting the commonalities between them.

Our interdisciplinary approach to oncology enables our scientists to understand how cells rewire themselves during the onset of cancer. By combining foundational research, clinical findings and the power of our drug discovery division, Calibr, our teams are uncovering new ways to prevent the growth and metastasis of tumors.

With the help of advanced biological models and cutting-edge technologies, our scientists are designing new, high-precision treatments, chemically refining existing therapies and developing immunotherapies that teach our own bodies how to destroy the cancer. Our world-class research and translational medicine approach is wholly committed to transforming the lives of patients and restoring hope to their loved ones.

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Our Strategic Plan for Cancer

  • Reengineer Immune Systems

    Using CAR-T based therapy, Scripps Research scientists are reengineering the immune system to target solid tumors.

  • Analyze Genetic Blueprints

    We’re exploring the genetic blueprints of healthy cells and tumors to design personalized cancer therapies.

  • Alter Cellular Messaging

    Our scientists learned how to alter cellular messaging in aggressive breast cancers, making them vulnerable to existing therapies.

  • Screen for New Drugs

    High-throughput screening facilities at Scripps Research are accelerating the discovery of potent anti-cancer agents.

We are urgently seeking scientific solutions for the millions of people and their loved ones affected by cancer. Hope is on the horizon.

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